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Most of the photographs displayed in the tree hugger were done by Thinh. We also use all of his images on the treehugger website. His photographs have been described as ´combining playfulness with serious inquiry, experimentation with informal narration, and versatility with thematic focus. Indeed, he also  transcends stereotypes of his own country but refreshingly remains against the grain of glossy imaginaries.´ This is probably supported by the fact that Thinh´s special lense have remained his eyes, wide open for every human being, every single piece of nature and for his own culture.


                     by Thịnh


the sea

people & culture

landscape & nature

food & market



Do you sell prints of Thinh´s photos?

Yes, we do. Please, contact us directly to know more about prints and sizes.


Do you use any additional photo equipment for your photographs?

Thinh is just equipped with his camera when out taking photographs. He uses the natural light and barely post processes the images as well as scenes are not staged.


Can I use Thinh´s photographs for my guesthouse or for my internet presence?

Please, respect that this is situation-depending. Whatever it is, you always have to contact us and ask for permission. If the use of the images relates to a financial activity or advertisement, you are not allowed to use these without our permission. This also applies to accommodation providers.

If there may be another purpose, you may be able to use the photographs, but only with credits on ((c) thinh´s photography) and a link provided of their source ( In any case, you still will have to ask for permission. All photos from this website are subject to the copyright of thinh´s photography.

Thank you for your understanding :).