cafe Dong Hoi

The Tree Hugger Café menu features a variety of drinks, including fresh juices, smoothies, dairy drinks, selected wines and cocktails and, indeed, coffee, as well as all-day breakfast and some simple food options that fuse Vietnamese and Western tastes. 

We use local ingredients as much as possible and try to prepare everything with a little bit of love ;).


Chúc ngon ming.




phin coffee 20k

Saigon-style coffee 30k

bc xu 30k

coconut coffee 35k

cappuccino 35k,

moccaccino 40k

and more

selection of teas

artichoke 30k

cinnamon 30K,

fresh ginger 30k

peach 35k

tea hugger 35k

and more

fresh juices 

lime 25k

passion fruit 30k

carrot 35k

water melon 35k

orange 40k

´detox´ 45k

and more​

fresh smoothies 

banana 30k

mango 35k

passion fruit 35k

mixed 40k

and more

and more

cacao 30k

ice-blended joghurt 35k

matcha 35k


all-day breakfast and light food

omelette 40k

fruit salad 55k

smoothie bowl 55k

pancakes with fruits 60k

simple müsli with fruits 65k

Bircher - müsli 65k

and more

fried springrolls 45k

egg sandwich 45k

tuna sandwich 50k

pumpkin-carrot soup 50k

fresh salads, from 50k

rice plates, from 55k

simple toasties with cheese 60k

burgers 65k

and more

ice cream Sundae 40k

waffle 45k

mixed fruits 45k

and more

cafe Dong Hoi
cafe Dong Hoi