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The tree hugger in Dong Hoi is a small café and crafts store located nearby Nhat Le River and Tam Toa church in Dong Hoi City. In early 2014, the tree hugger arose out of the idea to create a space for 'Dong Hoians' and visitors alike... for small discovery, for reading, for soaking up the surrounding atmosphere, for day-dreaming and, indeed, for enjoying café and light food.

​As part of the café, we also try and display our fascination of ethnic minority cultures found in Vietnam and our love for their handmade crafts on the second floor. Some products can also be found in our online store ;).

We try to hold on to the idea to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. In terms of the menu, this can mean a simple and balanced diet that puts particular focus on fresh and local produce or, in terms of the sales of crafts, awareness raising for local knowledge and crafted products from natural materials.

We cannot always promise, but we are trying to make anybody entering feel a little hugged.

The tree hugger is opened daily from

8:00h - 17:00h.

cafe and crafts Dong Hoi
cafe and crafts Vietnam

culture and history

Quang Binh is part of Vietnam’s North Central Region. It features the narrowest stretch of land in Vietnam, with 40km from east to west. By chance, a number of times in the past, the Province has marked historical and political divides.

A little gallery on the 2nd floor of the Tree Hugger describes backgrounds and main events between the 17th century and the 2nd Indochina War in 1975.

Besides our little online tree hugger travel guide that you can find on this website, there is also little more information on local culture that can be found all around the tree hugger.

cafe and crafts Dong Hoi