handicrafts Vietnam

At the Tree Hugger, we have long been fascinated with traditional textiles and other crafts made from natural materials such as cotton and hemp and the patterns drawn or meticulously knitted on these by ethnic minorities from Vietnam and South-East Asia.

Whether the crafts have been made from new or old hand-made textiles, every item carries the story of its maker... it tells about the long hours spent to collect and to prepare the material, about the spinning, the weaving or the knitting. The many patterns and drawings express past fairy-tales, present events or represent the natural surroundings.

In the second floor, you may learn more about the producers and the making of their crafts. Providing space for display of ethnic minority cultures as well as for sales of their crafts, we hope to make a small contribution to the preservation of their skills and to raise awareness for their spiritual and cultural values.

Besides, there are further products to find made from natural materials, either stemming from traditional craft villages or small businesses in Vietnam that promote a more sustainable lifestyle.